Medical Students and Advanced Fellows


P&S graduation - 1     P&S grad - 2

Dr. Sarah Fulham and Dr. Ben Vaccaro graduated from Columbia University's medical school on May 18, 2011. Sarah will be pursuing internal medicine-primary care at Brown University in Rhode Island while Ben will be pursuing internal medicine at Columbia. Both spent a summer learning about Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases as a result of the Center's Fellowship Program for medical students. Congrats to them! How happy we are that two brilliant and compassionate young doctors will soon be caring for patients -- and fully alert as to how to recognize and help individuals afflicted with Lyme or other Tick-borne diseases.



Recent Research on Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Infectious diseases (Alexandra Borst)
Human Herpes Virus 6 and Neuropsychiatric Disorders (Lisa Diver)
2006 Testing for Co-infections in Lyme Disease (Dan Notzon)
2004 Lyme Immunopathogenesis (Kevin Driver)

Training Opportunities

Each summer 2-3 medical students between 1st and 2nd year spend 6-8 weeks at the Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases Research Program.  These students receive didactic instruction in Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases specifically and in neurology and psychiatry in general.  In addition, through the generous support of the Monsky family and friends, a post-residency fellowship was established to provide physicians with in depth training from both a research and clinical perspective on how to help patients with chronic Lyme disease.

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