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Philadelphia, PA

October 1-2, 2011

Category:  Lyme testing (blood, spinal fluid...)

What is the significance of band 41 on the IgM and IgG Western Blot? There is much controversy over this band. I know it is not a Lyme specific and the CDC requires more bands to be present before making a diagnosis. However, it is a band that is for bacteria, so what else could cause that to be positive if not Lyme (and you do not have syphilis or an auto-immune disorder)? Thank you.

The 41 kd band is often found on the Western blot. We did a study where we looked at the banding patterns of patients with chronic Lyme disease and healthy controls from the inner city of NY who have never had Lyme disease. We found that a large percentage of the healthy controls tested positive on the 41kd band. For that reason, we don't feel the 41kd band has much clinical signfiicance in guiding us as to whether a person has been exposed to the agent of Lyme disease. One reason a positive 41 kd band might emerge is that our mouths contain non-pathogenic spirochetes; it is conceivable that some may seed the blood stream periodically and lead to the positive 41kd immune responses.

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