LDA/Columbia 2011
Scientific Conference

Hyatt Penns Landing

Philadelphia, PA

October 1-2, 2011

Category:  Lyme overlap with other Diseases

During the course of treatment for Chronic Fatigue it was discovered that I have Chronic Lyme as well. Has there been a link between the two?

Chronic fatigue is a common problem after any infection. In many cases, the fatigue dissipates after the infection has resolved. In a subgroup of patients, the fatigue may persist for many months and sometimes longer. It is unknown why some patients go on to develop post-infectious fatigue and others do not. There is genetic evidence that some patients may carry genetic markers that may indicate their risk for post-infectious fatigue. At present, it appears that the problem of persistent fatigue is mediated by the autonomic nervous system, the hypothalamic-pituiatry-adrenal axis, and genetic vulnerability. Fatigue is a common problem in many disorders; before one attributes all to a post-infectious or persistent infectious state, one needs to make sure a thorough evaluation has been done to rule out other causes of fatigue, such as thyroid abnormalities, anemia, or cancer. In regards to Lyme disease, we assume that after treatment some patients have persistent fatigue as a result of the processes above, whereas others may still harbor a small amount of persistent infection that may require re-treatment. These are active areas of current research.

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