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October 1-2, 2011

Category:  Lyme Signs, Symptoms, & Diagnosis

I was wondering if Lyme Disease affects eye sight at all?

Lyme disease can affect eye sight in a number of ways. If the extraocular muscles are involved as in a cranial nerve palsy, then the muscle weakness may result in double vision. Patients may report that their visual acuity appears to be less. (Some patients mistakenly think that "floaters" seen on the surface of the eye are spirochetes -- floaters are normal and are common in healthy people as well...and have nothing to do with Lyme disease.) If there is central involvement of the visual pathways, then some patients may experience a marked sensory hyperacusis such as prominent painful light sensitivity (requiring the wearing of sunglasses in normal daylight) or rarely visual trails. In very rare cases, an unattenuated increase of intracranial pressure (esp in children) from neurologic Lyme disease may result in blindness. Of course, any visual problems should be checked by an ophthalmologist or a neuro-ophthalmologist who can then perform a thorough differential diagnosis to rule out other conditions.

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