LDA/Columbia 2011
Scientific Conference

Hyatt Penns Landing

Philadelphia, PA

October 1-2, 2011

Category:  Lyme Treatment

What criteria do doctors use to choose different antibiotics?

Partly, doctors rely on what medicines have been shown in published studies to be effective for Lyme Disease. For neurologic Lyme disease, the best tested antibiotic is IV ceftriaxone ("Rocephin"). For early Lyme Disease, the best tested antibiotics include oral doxycycline, cefuroxime (ceftin) and amoxacillin. Physicians however often use other antibiotics well. For example, because one mouse study and several in vitro studies indicate that the agent of Lyme Disease can penetrate and lodge inside cells, some doctors prefer to use medications that have good intracellular penetration (such as clarithromycin (Biaxin)). Other factors that go into the decision include whether the patient is allergic to a particular family of antibiotics or whether the patient can tolerate oral medications; intolerance might suggest the use of intramuscular penicillin whereas if a person is allergic to penicillins or cephalosporins a doctor would want to avoid long-acting intramuscular penicillin-family medicines.

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